[Implemented] Web gui - list last backup status in device list

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Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:10 am

Dear Unimus,

It would be great to adjust the web GUI - tab devices with a additional column with the latest backup status: "failed since X days /succesfull"
As we have a large overview of devices we have to search sometimes which device has failed to be backuped.

So my feature request is to adjust the Web page - tab devices - with an addtional column with the latest backup state.

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Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:08 am

+1, we use a separate report in our weekly team huddle. We found we cannot use the Unimus dashboard as it doesn't show a list of all devices and the last time they were successfully backed up. Love that it only reports failures.

This is what we do for our reporting

Device name - Device IP - Lastbackup Date

Even better would be the addition of a Green and red status column based on it having its last backup succed or not
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Fri May 15, 2020 3:23 pm

Last job status indicators and last backup date for devices are available starting with 2.0.0.

"Devices" screen shows color indicator for last job status.
"Devices>Info" shows last backup date specifically as well.
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