"Run As" account for Mass Config Push

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following the discussion on this thread : viewtopic.php?f=7&t=847

Problematic :
be able to use the "Mass config Push" feature when you are using a backup account with insufficient rights (Read-Only).

Suggestion :
offer the choice to run the script with a specific account, with more privileges than the one used for the backup.

How :
Add a checkbox "Run As" on the preset page. With this checked, offer the choice between:
  • bind an account stored specially for use as a "run-as" account. (Store this under credentials or a sub-menu of Mass Config page)
  • type an ephemeral login/pwd in a popup when clicking on run.
If nothing is choose, use the bound account at device level.

Would be magic if we had the possibility to bind account at device level and at preset level.
If "One-time" password is provided, use this one, regardless device binding.
If device have a "run-as" account use-it, else use account bound to the preset.
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