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Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:17 pm

Unimus version 1.9.0 is being released today!
1.9.0 is the biggest release of Unimus to date.

We have published a Release Overview article on our blog if you prefer to read up on this release.
Alternatively, you can watch the Release Overview video below:

In short, 1.9.0 brings 15 new features, including support for 9 new devices from various vendors and 20+ fixes for various issues and bugs. For more details, please see the full changelog below.

Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Full changelog:
= Version 1.9.0 =
Juniper JunOS driver completely rewritten, solving multiple issues with JunOS
Added hints (contextual help) to "Do not manage device" and "High security mode" checkboxes
Improved compatibility with certain Cisco MDS models
Backups for Cisco IOS and NXOS will now complete even if the "show vlan brief" command is not available
Increased subnets text area limit in the Network Scan to 65k characters
Improved support for devices with certain versions of Comware / Huawei VRP
Improved support for certain models of Cisco SMB switches
Mass Config Push now supports devices which present a menu after login (pfSense, ProCurve stacks, etc.)
Improved support for devices that display "Press any key to continue" but really ignore that and proceed to prompt
Improved visuals for all input fields to better handle IPv6 addresses or long FQDNs
Event system (top right corner popups) enhanced and visually unified
Added support for "enhanced security-mode" on HP ProVision / HPE ProCurve / Aruba ArubaOS
Improved support for "(y/n)" prompts

Improved the usability of Device Tags:
- Device Tags now have their own top-level menu for tag management
- improved the tag management (add/remove/assign/unassign) process
- various other UI and UX improvements related to tags

Improved the Device Access Limitation system:
- Added a new "Users with access" window to devices which have Tags
(will show which users have access to this device, and where the access comes from)
- Added device ownership - account which creates a device is now the owner of that device
- owners always see the devices they own, even if limited Access Limited by Tags
(solves Operator-level users not seeing the devices they create when they are access-limited)
- Accounts are not able to changed their own access role anymore - you can't cut yourself from Admin access anymore

Update to the Comments windows across Unimus:
- Comments now have live updates, if one user adds a new comment, all users will immediately see it
- multiple graphical and visual updates and fixes to the Comments windows

Added two new API endpoints to retrieve configuration changes
- you can now retrieve list of devices with config changes over the API
- external integrations can now use the API to display diffs generated by Unimus
- more details at: https://wiki.unimus.net/display/UNPUB/F ... umentation

Added high security mode option for credentials and enable passwords
- will disable "Show password" for these credentials anywhere in Unimus
- useful to make sure no one (no matter their access level) can retrieve password from Unimus

New "Sensitive data striping" feature:
- will not store any sensitive data in backups (passwords, keys, etc.)
- can be configured globally, or per-Tag
- currently supported on Cisco ASA, IOS, IOS-XR, Nexus, NXOS
- more details at: https://wiki.unimus.net/display/UNPUB/S ... a+striping

The CLI login handler has been rewritten from scratch:
- this improves overall compatibility with all devices that we support
- many edge-cases where login to device would fail were solved

Added support for:
- A10 Networks Thunder series
- Adtran TA (Total Access) 2nd gen.
- Cisco SMB SF2xx / SG2xx / SX2xx switch series
- more H3C Comware switches
- HPE 1920S
- Nomadix AG
- more Zyxel MGS switches (37xx and newer)
- more Zyxel USG models
- Zyxel XGS switches
- more Zyxel ZyWALL models

Fixed a bug casing some login banner to cause Unimus to fail the login to devices
Solved access-limited users not seeing the devices they create when they are Operator level (see device ownership in Features section)
Fixed users with Device Access limitations seeing devices they should not see in Mass Config Push device binding
Fixed UBNT devices not discovering / backing-up if firmware version contained 4 digits
Fixed some environment configuration being ignored on startup (logging, proxy, etc.)
Fixed a rare failure when trying to switch to enable / configure mode during discovery
Fixed enable / configure mode switch failing on devices which responded with a lot of data immediately during mode switching
Fixed Mass Config Push incorrectly reporting "unsupported command" in very rare cases
Fixed multiple issues with Juniper JunOS backups (parts of backups missing, incorrect change notifications, etc.)
Fixed not discovering / backing-up some models of UBNT AirFibers
Fixed some versions of ZyXel USGs not being discovered
Fixed some versions of Comware / Huawei VRP devices not being discovered
Fixed some models of Cisco SMB switches not being discovered
Fixed "--More--" not being properly removed from FortiOS backups in rare circumstances
Another round of fixes for more incorrect configuration change notifications for FortiOS
Fixed table search not behaving as expected with certain special characters
Fixed incorrect username format tooltip message on the login screen
Fixed inconsistent width of subnets area in the NetworkScanView when changing browser window size
Fixed Unimus switching view when licensing server went offline and then back online
Fixed device output logging not working after enabling/disabling it multiple times
Fixed a UI error when trying to backup multiple unmanaged devices
Fixed a UI error when a 'read only' account navigated to the Notifications view
Fixed a UI error when 'Expand command(s) windows' clicked when creating new mass config push preset
Fixed various cases where login would fail to devices that display "Press any key to continue" but really ignore that and proceed to prompt
Fixed some models of Zyxel MGS switches not being discovered

Tickets closed by this release:
UN-245, UN-272, UN-316, UN-334, UN-362, UN-365, UN-371, UN-372, UN-377, UN-378, UN-379, UN-380, UN-382

Known issues:
Special characters can be replaced by '?' under specific circumstances
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