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Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:09 pm

We have made small amends to our Customer Portal T&C.

These changes DO NOT influence any users in any way, and have been made to reflect updates made to the Portal since the last ToS update. All changes are described below, but I will be happy to answer any questions regarding them.

What was changed in the Customer Portal T&C:

Under the Subscriptions section, the following was added:
Upon request, NetCore j.s.a. also provides the option to pay for the Service manually through a bank transfer. In this case, NetCore j.s.a. requires a valid Purchase Order ("PO"), based on which a pro-forma invoice will be issued.
You may contact the NetCore j.s.a. customer support team and request manual payments.
We have supported manual payments through bank-transfer for a while now, but they were not properly included in the T&C.

Under the Termination section, the following was added:
An option to fully delete your account (and all the associated data) is also available within the Service.
Deleting your account is non-revertible and final, and by deleting your account you acknowledge that all data (including any purchases or subscriptions) on your account will be removed.
We have supported full account deletion since GDPR came into effect.
It was however not mentioned in the T&C, so we have fixed that.

For reference, full Customer Portal T&C are available at:
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