Unimus 1.8.3 release

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Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:32 pm

Unimus version 1.8.3 is being released today!

New features in 1.8.3 include:
- new Powercode importer (NMS sync)
- "Mass Config Push" usability improvements
- new "Debug mode" setting
- new "Show all passwords" feature

This release also includes 9 other new minor features, and fixes for 12 bugs/issues.
Support for 5 new devices/vendors is also included.

For more information, please check the full changelog below.

We recommend all users to upgrade to this version.
Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Direct upgrade from 1.x.x and 0.3.x is supported, simply deploy the new version of Unimus, and everything will work.
Direct upgrade from 0.2.x or 0.1.x is not supported, please see this link for more details.

Full changelog:
= Version 1.8.3 =
Trailing spaces will now be automatically stripped from output of Mass Config Push
Added an option to configure number of context lines in diffs in configuration change notifications
Added options to clone "Mass Config Push" and "Network Scan" presets
Cisco IOS devices will now be discovered even if "show version" is not available in user-exec mode
Added support for devices that require pressing ENTER before logging in over Telnet
Improved support for HPE / Aruba ProCurve stacks
Improvements to the "Show backup" window
Visual updates to the "Notifications" screen
Added a system entropy check during startup - will notify if system entropy is low

New Powercode importer (NMS sync)
- allows synchronizing devices from Powercode to Unimus
- you can configure which devices to pull into Unimus in Powercode

New "Debug mode" settings:
- added options to change debug levels during runtime
- added options to enable device communication logging during runtime
- the log file can now be downloaded directly from the GUI
- the device communication log file can now be downloaded directly from the GUI
- deleting the device communication log file is also possible directly from the GUI

New "Show all passwords" feature:
- this features makes it easier to work in environments where many credentials have the same username
- usable in "Credentials" and "Bind credentials..." screens
- when enabled, also enables search within passwords

"Mass Config Push" feature improvements:
- presets can now be cloned, renamed and deleted from the home screen
- ability to re-run a push on an output group
- ability to set devices in output group as push target
- ability to clone a preset and set devices in output group as push target

Added support for:
- AudioCodes Mediant
- more variants of Dell PowerConnect
- DragonWave Horizon Compact
- DragonWave Horizon Compact+

Fixed Unimus not properly reconnecting to the database after the database went down
Fixed incorrect configuration change notifications for Cambium ePMP (again)
Fixed more rare incorrect configuration change notifications for FortiOS
It is no longer possible to add negative numbers as ports in connector settings
Fixed wrong notification formatting for notifications that contained un-managed devices
Fixed Mass Config Push and Network Scan preset creation data disappearing for unsaved presets
Fixed Network Scan preset subnets area to trigger configuration validation on text change event, not focus out event
Fixed a regression that caused MikroTik RouterOS not being discovered if it asked to show EULA at login
Fixed NMS config still present after 'clear' and re-open the config widget
Fixed URL validation not properly validating contents of URL
Fixed password confirmation field not behaving properly in some cases
Fixed showing obsolete data after update and re-open accordeon (connectors and notification, email, slack, pushover configs)

Tickets closed by this release:
UN-338, UN-340, UN-344, UN-347, UN-352, UN-354, UN-355, UN-358, UN-359

Migration warnings:
Radius accounts must now be created in Unimus, and have their authentication method set to Radius.
If you are migrating from previous versions and use a Radius account to log in to Unimus, you must
first create that account in Unimus and properly set its auth method. Use a local admin account
to create this Radius account.

Known issues:
Special characters can be replaced by '?' under specific circumstances
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Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:18 pm

Glad to see improvements to debug. Don't wanna need it but sure it will come in handy if/when.

Also glad to see improvements to mass config. It's a great feature imo and should be nurtured and polished.

The UI is nice looking but starts showing some friction as the number of configs increases.

Not sure exactly what I'd suggest at this point (I'd like to find time to do some sketches/mock ups to flesh out ideas but there's "never enough time"™) In general I think it's along the lines of less clicking/scrolling to navigate various pushes, need to see more info on one screen, and some kind of organization to group "related" configs. Maybe this helps with the scrolling/navigating too.

For example I'm starting to have a couple where I check something and then corresponding push where I do something. I can picture where there may be more than one "do" for a given check/results. Probably good to be able to group these related items somehow.

Just putting it out there for now. Maybe others have ideas to discuss.

Keep up the good work 8-)
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