Unimus 1.8.2 release

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Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:45 pm

Unimus version 1.8.2 is being released today!

1.8.2 release brings 2 new major features:
- full graphical diffs for configuration change notifications
- new "Un-manage device(s)" feature

This release also includes 9 other new minor features, and fixes for 11 bugs/issues.
Support for 8 new devices is also included.

We recommend all users to upgrade to this version.
Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Direct upgrade from 1.x.x and 0.3.x is supported, simply deploy the new version of Unimus, and everything will work.
Direct upgrade from 0.2.x or 0.1.x is not supported, please see this link for more details.

Full changelog:
= Version 1.8.2 =
Unimus will now send full graphical configuration change notification emails (including diff of actual changed config)
Commands text area in 'Mass Config Push' can now be expanded (also to full-screen)
Added an option to ignore empty lines in diff
Improved support for various D-Link switches
Improved support for newer IgniteNet MetroLinq devices (HeliOS v2 now supported)
Added support for custom UBNT firmwares
Improved handling of pre and post login banners
If backup retrieved from the device is empty, Unimus will fail the backup job
Trailing spaces will now be automatically stripped from each line of backups
Improved stripping of dual-newlines from dual-spaced backups
Added support for devices that display "Press any key to continue" but really ignore that and proceed to prompt

Added an option to Un-manage devices:
- excludes devices from Discovery, Backup and Mass Config Push
- allows to disconnect / remove devices from network, but keep them in Unimus
- Un-managed devices are rendered with Italic font style in tables

Added support for:
- Aruba Wireless Controllers
- Brocade SLX-OS switches
- D-Link xStack switches
- D-Link SmartPro switches
- D-Link generic managed switches
- Dell Networking N-series switches
- Extreme SLX-OS switches
- Extreme WiNG APs
- Patton / Inalp SmartNode

Fixed various cases where jobs could fail on devices with pre and post login banners
Fixed very rare discovery stuck issue when switching devices to enable/configure mode
Fixed Araknis switches discovery not working over SSH
Fixed Ubiquity AF5xHD not discovering nor backing up
Fixed incorrect configuration change notifications for Cambium ePMP
Fixed incorrect configuration change notifications for FortiOS
Fixed discovery failing for MikroTik RouterOS with long identities
Fixed rare incorrect configuration change notifications for MikroTik RouterOS
Fixed device sync across multiple instances not working
Fixed errors when changing a password for a user
Fixed unable to turn off configuration change notification

Tickets closed by this release:
UN-260, UN-303, UN-327

Migration warnings:
Radius accounts must now be created in Unimus, and have their authentication method set to Radius.
If you are migrating from previous versions and use a Radius account to log in to Unimus, you must
first create that account in Unimus and properly set its auth method. Use a local admin account
to create this Radius account.

Known issues:
Special characters can be replaced by '?' under specific circumstances
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