[Fixed in 1.8.2] Ubiquiti airMax Custom Firmware

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Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:43 am

We have some radios that needed to be running custom firmware because they stock one causes some sort of interference with one of the other carriers - Verizon I believe, but cannot recall at this point. These radios are NOT getting backed up and I suspect it is due to the version string at the command prompt, though the discovery log just reports 'telnet_unavailable' and 'ssh_unavailable'. Might be nice if it gave a bit more information as well. However the command prompt when I ssh into these units shows:


Hopefully this can be a quick fix so that they are supported going forward. Thanks!
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Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:17 am


Indeed, that type of prompt is not supported, so Unimus would not be able to recognize this device.
Fixed it and here is a dev build with support: link

As for 'telnet_unavailable' and 'ssh_unavailable', those errors are only generated when Unimus can't connect to SSH and/or Telnet on the device. (if Unimus was able to connect but would not recognize this device, it would generate an 'unsupported_device' error)

Please try if you can SSH/Telnet to the device from the Unimus server and let me know if it works with the new build.

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