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Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:59 pm

Rather than a thread for each I thought I'd throw out a list of things. Please let me know if I should spread them out. Some are food for thought on functions you have coming up others I think are new.
  • Single backup delete (for one device or for a group/type of device by time of backup) - for example a bad/incorrect config was pushed and we took a post-backup. We do not want to keep because it's 'tainted'.
  • export compact and export full backups. This may be a bit Mikrotik specific but each has it's purposes. Of course this could also maybe be addressed by the scripting and coming SCP functions?
  • Binary blob backups - also maybe mikrotik specific but retention options are the key. I can SCP them but will I have a way to manage/rotate them? (separate bash/cron would be too scattered/fragmented imo.)
  • Retention time in *versions* not days. Unimus does a great thing in not taking a backup when no changes exist. Why is retention set in days then instead of versions/changes? ;)
  • Use an external diff tool - I wouldn't expect you to develop the diff tool to the level of a dedicated tool (like Beyond Compare) so simply, can we get Unimus to just use a local tool for diffs automagically without making us dl each pair manually, then open, compare and delete them?
  • Diffs built in - two improvements I think should be made if possible to the in-built diffs is putting the diffs in their own scroll boxes (within the page) and synchronized scrolling. The challenge with them as is is if you have long outputs, the horizontal scroll is way at the bottom and you cant see the lines you're examining while scrolling left/right. Also, it would be good to lock the scrolling in sync so both windows move together (this is even more painful given the long configs issue.)
  • Label/tag credentials for search/filter. A way to id credentials for a device/group of devices when the list gets large. Searching through a list of creds all named 'admin' would be tedious at best.
Thanks for a great product.
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