Unimus 1.5.1 release

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Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:20 pm

Unimus version 1.5.1 is being released today!

Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Direct upgrade from 1.x.x and 0.3.x is supported, simply deploy the new version of Unimus, and everything will work.
Direct upgrade from 0.2.x or 0.1.x is not supported, please see this link for more details.

Full changelog:
= Version 1.5.1 =
Improved performance when many simultaneous device connections were opened
Added logging when device operations fail due to communication timeouts

NetXMS importer upgrades:
- Importer will now import all nodes in the structure under sync container, not just nodes directly in it
- You can now specify sync containers not just by name but also by ID, using "#1234" format
- You can now specify full sync container path using "Container 1/Container 2/Sync container" format
- More information at https://wiki.unimus.net/display/UNPUB/NetXMS+importer

Added support for:
- AudioCodes MP-11x
- AudioCodes MP-12x
- Brocade FastIron
- Calix B6
- Calix BLC
- Calix OccamOS
- Foundry FastIron
- Huawei VRP
- more variants of IgniteNet MetroLinq
- LANCOM routers
- Vyatta

Fixed last few edge-cases where VT100 sequences were not being stripped
Fixed Telnet not being detected on certain Cisco devices
Fixed not properly identifying the model of some Cisco NX-OS devices
Fixed the IgniteNet MetroLinq driver to captures all possible config files
Fixed MikroTik RouterOS not being discovered if it asked to show EULA at login
Fixed missing license key input field at license key error view

Tickets closed by this release:
UN-241, UN-291, UN-292, UN-293

Known issues:
Special characters can be replaced by '?' under specific circumstances
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