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Thu Jan 20, 2022 8:14 am


What would be to correct way to move from Unimus (installed in linux) to VM Windows ?

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All Unimus data is stored in the database, so depending what type DB you use in both instances there are two main ways you could migrate them:

1. Both instances use the same type of DB (whether both use the built-in HSQL or the same external database)
- in case both use the built-in HSQL DB, then instructions are very simple and Tomas wrote a guide describing migration in both directions on our forum

Windows > Linux - viewtopic.php?p=1020#p1020
Linux > Windows - viewtopic.php?p=3012#p3012

- in case both use the same type of external DB it is basically the same, with the exception that you need to create DB dump from the original location and restore it to a new location and also check unimus.properties and make sure DB on a new system is set up as the original one, i.e. DB user credentials and privileges for that user.

2. Both instances use a different kind of DB (e.g. your current Unimus instance is using the built-in HSQL and the new instance will be running an external database or vice versa). If this is your case, then it has to be mentioned that actual data (e.g. backups) cannot be migrated. We would then recommend to do at least an export of backups from the current instance and you could use our backup exporter to do so.

With that being said, you can still pretty effortlessly migrate your Zones and devices to the new instance. You can leverage our native HA support by using the same license key on both instances. Unimus syncs its Zones and devices with our licensing server so when you use the same key on a new server, it would sync the currently synced list of Zones and devices to your new instance.

Additionally, if you choose to go with the license key sync option using the same key, be wary of accidental data removal, if you do a change to a device (add/remove/change address) or Zone, your changes will be synced with the other instance as well.
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