Palo alto failing to backup on schedule

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Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:55 pm

Hey guys,

I have a palo alto PA-500 that I have added to unimus. when i run the discovery it can see that it is a palo alto and i can even run a manual backup that completes properly.

I set up a schedule to have this device backed up nightly but it fails every time it tries to run on the schedule. If I run the backup manually it completes just fine.

The log shows the message "login_sequence_error" in the GUI. If I look in the log file I see the following:

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2019-12-30 03:00:00.007  INFO 8305 --- [qrtz--5] n.u.b.core.DeviceDiscoveryBackupJob      : Looking for devices to discover/backup
2019-12-30 03:00:00.008  INFO 8305 --- [qrtz--5]  : Discovering 4 devices
2019-12-30 03:01:00.231  INFO 8305 --- [discovery-47] n.u.c.c.mode.LearningModeChangeHandler   : Failed to switch to 'ENABLE' mode on '10.x.x.x' - 'enable' command not supported
2019-12-30 03:01:00.231  WARN 8305 --- [discovery-47] n.u.c.d.v.a10.A10ThunderDiscoveryDriver  : Discovery error on '10.x.x.x' - 'Failed to switch mode - 'enable' command not supported by device'!
2019-12-30 03:01:05.048  INFO 8305 --- [core-response-handler-41]  : Backing-up 4 device(s)
2019-12-30 03:01:42.695  INFO 8305 --- [backup-48]  : No recognizable data received from '10.x.x.x:22', timeout: 10000 ms
Thanks for any help that can be provided!
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Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:16 pm


Usually if you see errors such as "No recognizable data received" during device login (CliLoginDataAnalyzer), it helps to set the "inter-connection-delay" higher. Here is a wiki article that shows how: ... t+timeouts

If that doesn't help, please enable Device Output Logging and Debug logging in Unimus.
(Zones > Default > Debug Mode > Device output logging AND Debug loging)

After this is enabled, simply wait for a scheduled job to finish/fail.
After that, please download both log files, create a ticket on the Portal, and attach the files to the ticket.
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Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:58 pm

I have updated the timeout settings as suggested in the article you linked. I will see if the job completes tonight. Thanks!
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