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Wed Dec 29, 2021 6:06 pm

I've found that in the backup page, I have the option to select a particular conf file and then 'send' it to my email address - which is really useful, but I was wondering - would it be possible to introduce an option to automate this?

What I'd like is the option to be able to have the most recent config for all devices emailed out on a regular basis (e.g. once a week) to satisfy management paranoia.

I'm aware of https://github.com/netcore-jsa/unimus-backup-exporter and can probably automate it, but my bash scripting is pretty weak.

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Mon Jan 10, 2022 8:16 pm


Exporting in general is even currently a fragmented feature in Unimus as there are already almost too many places to offer exporting/sending configs. This will be a big focus in the future where we will completely rework this and will add a dedicated Export section to Unimus altogether to unify all the options and to bring even more to the table, however this is something for the future development and there is no ETA I could provide on it. Also, this will be something which as soon as we start development planning for it, will appear on our roadmap

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Tue Nov 07, 2023 6:22 pm

Just wanted to jump in on this and would love the ability to schedule the already existing feature of e-mailing a copy of the backup.
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Tue Nov 07, 2023 6:50 pm

This is a good addition to the backup mailing feature, I have created an internal ticket for it in our backlog. We will let you know when it is available.
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