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Thu Aug 18, 2022 5:48 pm

I use /30 subnets to link devices together routers, so when I poll I get a multiple entries of my routers.
Is there a way when polling devices to do an exclusion of the network address, gateway address and broadcast address in a /30 subnet.
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Thu Aug 18, 2022 6:13 pm

You don't mention how exactly you got into that state. If you use Basic import (direct address insert or CSV import), then it would be possible to just exclude those addresses you mentioned and import only the other addresses. If you use Network scan, then we already give an option to exclude some ranges, so if you don't have any other IPs in that /30 subnet, you can exclude the whole IP range in the /30 subnet.

If above is not possible, or you already have such unwanted records in Unimus, and let's say it is impossible or difficult to locate those duplicates for one reason or another, in the future we will be adding de-duplication to Unimus. This development is contingent upon another one


and that is advanced information collection from devices to make sure the de-duplication is spot-on and avoiding any false-positive. I don't have any specific ETA for this feature yet, though.
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