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Mon Mar 21, 2022 2:55 pm

One side is Centos the other is Ubuntu. Just for the sake of documentation I was wondering what the procedure would be to move this installation? I've not completed it yet.

1) Make sure both installations are on the same version
2) Make sure both have the same database server installed
3) Dump the database on old server and copy over to new server
4) Set up database on new server with same creds?
5) Complete setup wizard on new server with similar names/creds?
6) Import database?
7) Copy /etc/unimus.properties over?
8) Restart new server?

Can you correct the order etc and anything I may be missing before I try this again?
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Wed Mar 23, 2022 4:09 pm


The same principles as for any other type when both instances are running the same type of OS (Windows-Windows, Linux-Linux) apply here as well, only the paths change when talking about different OSs


I would add up to your sequence copying over the /etc/unimus folder. In the case of using an external DB, it would still contain the main Unimus' configuration file unimus.properties, and in case an instance using the built-in DB a whole database would be also located in that folder.

Back to the instruction part, you don't have to do this many steps, and most importantly, there is no need to redo the wizard setup. You can narrow it down to:
1. Install Unimus on the new server and stop the service when the installation is done.
2. Copy /etc/unimus folder over to the new server.
3. Install and configure a DB on the new server, but keep the configuration in line with existing parameters in the unimus.properties config file.
3. Backup the external DB on the original server, copy the backup over and restore it on the new server.
4. Start Unimus. Unimus should just start up normally like it would on the previous server.

Additionally, if you made any tuning to /etc/default/unimus parameter file, make sure to copy it over too.
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