High-Availability (HA): Active-Passive instance setup

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Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:11 am


I’ve been testing a redundancy setup, but I cannot really seem to get the preferred setup working as I would like it to. Is there any way to setup a active-passive unimus setup and at the same time have both unimus instances sync the database/backends?
My issue is that setting up an extra unimus instance just increases network load and tends to send duplicated notifications which is really annoying. I am hoping there is a way to have two or more unimus intances running, but only one of them is active at any time, where this active instance is running the schedules according to the plan and sending the notifications, whereas all other remain passive and do nothing other than sync the database, but should the active instance break or become unavailable, then the sencond in line priority passive instance takes over and becomes the active instance.

Hope something can be done to solve this redundancy setup.

Looking forward to hear back from you.
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