High number of repeated discoveries after upgrade to 2.1.2

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Mon Oct 11, 2021 10:06 pm


Have you had any reports of issues with a high number of repeated discoveries after upgrade to 2.1.2. Our installation appears to be trying to discover things very frequently. Every time i go in there seem to be circa 6000 devices queued for discovery. The majority of our devices are only set to backup once a day, so i would have expected a once a day discovery at maximum for only the devices which failed last time. In the last 7 days the system has run 108,000 discoveries across 16,000 devices.


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Mon Oct 11, 2021 10:12 pm

Hi, no such reports yet.

Is it possible re-discoveries are being triggered by operations performed in the system? For example, by default, a rediscovery is performed on all undiscovered devices each time a new credential is added. You can check "Other settings > Advanced system settings" and disable appropriate settings.

108,000 discoveries across 16,000 devices inside a 7 days window with a daily schedule indeed seems excessive. Could you please create a support ticket on the Portal and attach all the log files from "/var/log/unimus"? Due to the number of devices all log rotations will be needed. We will check if anything looks suspicious in the log.

Additionally, can you please include a screenshot of the "Schedules" screen with the logs? It lists all schedules with usage counters for each, so we can compare that with the logs to make sure proper schedules are being used by Unimus.

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