Licensing and pricing update for release

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Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:51 am

Hi everyone!

We are getting close to ending the Open Beta pricing.
With this, we need to sort out all current Beta licenses, and we have a bit of a change to the pricing model.

Free license becoming better
The free license will be increased to 5 devices instead of 3.
This will apply to all current free licenses, and of course any new accounts.
This switch will happen on the 7th of August - with the release of a new Portal version.

Pricing changes
With the new Portal release, we will be changing the purchasing options and the pricing a little bit.
Current pricing is available here:
According to your feedback, we are simplifying the licensing model a little bit.

New pricing will be as follows:

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10 licenses     $49     $4.9 per device
100 licenses    $450    $4.5 per device
1000 licenses   $3900   $3.9 per device
For example, if you need 220 licenses, the price will be:

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2x $450 + 2x $49 = $998
All other details will not change.
Purchases are still one-time, no recurring fees.

Please note the pricing and licensing change will happen on the 7th of August - with the release of a new Portal version.
Until then, current pricing is still valid.

What about current Beta licenses?
Those of you still running on Beta licenses will need to purchase licenses according to how many devices you have in your Unimus deployments. We will be sending out emails and licensing notifications to accounts which require purchases.

If you do not purchase any licenses , your Unimus instances will go into a 'frozen' state when we deploy the new versions of the Portal.
However, simply purchasing the necessary amount of licenses will immediately restore your Unimus instances to a working state.

New unlimited license
And last but not least, we are introducing something new!
According to your feedback, and your requests, we will introduce a new unlimited license.
This license will allow you to simply have no device limitations on your account.
You can create as many license keys as you like, each one will have unlimited capacity.

This license also comes with a full support contract.


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$5900 per year
This will be the the only license that will be recurring.

Questions and feedback
As always, we are trying to be as transparent and as open with these changes as we can be.
Any and all feedback and questions and discussion is most welcome.