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I plan to use Unimus, but couldn't find how to use a remote core for multiple zones. Each zone has its own access key, and can't be duplicated to an other.
You may tell me to use tags to separate equipment, but then in the device listing I have a single zone for all my switches. It's about 100 switches to start.
Problem is, a remote core has to be installed in a client's DC and it will manage through vpn multiple clients remote offices, which would be zones.
Then export all data to the main server in my DC.
This setup will be used for may clients having satellite offices connected to a central DC.

Thank you
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Thu Jul 28, 2022 3:31 pm


Apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately, we don't currently plan on implementing this feature and it is also not possible with the current remote Zone implementation. For now, 1 remote Zone = 1 remote location (Unimus Core).

As you mentioned, tags could be deployed and they could indicate their secondary or tertiary location. There is one more thing which could be used to ease adding such devices, and that is using a CSV import (Unimus > Basic import) to add a list of devices to Unimus from those final locations in bulk and use the optional comment as an indication of that location.
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