one-way config sync from hot to warm spare?

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Wed May 18, 2022 12:52 am

This may be straying outside of what unimus is designed for, but I wondered if there is any way to use config push as a method of one-way synchronising changes from a primary mikrotik router to an in-place warm spare?

We're not ready to go to the complexity of full HA setup at this site, but it would be useful to have a secondary device fully configured if something does go wrong and just swap a couple of cables. At the moment the plan would be import the config backup from unimus and the device is just racked up and powered off.

Most of the scripts out there that I could find for mikrotik configuration sync are tied up with full HA setups. Nothing to just mirror a config over to an identical unit one-way. I suppose the order of operations becomes more complicated with writing bulk changes than backing up. But I thought it would be interesting. A lot of the work that would have to be done on diffing configs and pushing configs is already done in unimus.
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