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[Solved] How do I extend the timeout on a backup job?

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 12:39 am
by kevinds

New Unimus user, so I am sorry if this is obvious but I didn't find it when I looked..

I am trying to use Unimus to backup RouterOS.. When I run the export command manually on my router from the terminal, it takes at least 3 minutes before it is finished..

When Unimus tries to do it's backup, it logs in and then logs out less than 2 minutes later, reports "INTERACTION_ERROR" for the Last Job Status..

Without knowing where to find more information on the error, I suspect that it is not waiting long enough, the export is still running but Unimus has given up..

How/where to I extend the time Unimus will wait for a job to finish?

May/01/2022 18:25:28
user Unimus logged in from via ssh

May/01/2022 18:27:11
user Unimus logged out from via ssh

But it takes at least 3 minutes when I do an export from the terminal..

Re: How do I extend the timeout on a backup job?

Posted: Mon May 02, 2022 12:53 am
by Tomas
Hi, the timeout settings are available on the Wiki: ... t+timeouts

Please note the MikroTik driver uses a timeout multiplier (since Tiks are known to do this): ... ultipliers

So if you know your Tik takes 3 minutes to output its config, a safe bet would be to shoot for 4+ minutes timeout. In case of Tik, due to the multiplier of 5, you should set the "unimus.core.cli-expect-timeout" to "50000" (50000ms = 50s x 5multi = 250s = 4 minutes 10 seconds).