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Sun Dec 26, 2021 9:01 pm

I've just deployed an Unimus test install and I have to say I love it - it was incrediblty easy to get started with, and it's doing exactly what I wanted!

I was wondering if there was any way of changing the way the config display behaves (e.g. when you select a backup and choose 'view)?

Specifically I'd like to:

* Use a monospace font (such as dejavu sans mono)
* Get it to use more of the screen (so we can see more of the config at once - I've seen there's a maximise button, but it'd be handy if the default view could be extended)

We've got a very messy legacy environment to take care of, so viewing configs is going to be done quite often!

Many thanks!
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Tue Dec 28, 2021 7:38 pm

There are some good points you arose. We created an internal ticket for two specific features, font unification in all the backup views and to add per-user font preference settings. We will work on those, but I cannot provide any specific ETA for it yet.

Let's talk a bit more about the second point point you got there, resizing. View window actually allows resizing (from the bottom-right corner of the window), would you mind giving it a try if that works in your browser? Or, if you meant it differently, let me know.
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Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:40 pm

Dear Vik,

Thanks so much for the reply, and for adding the request. No ETA needed, but as this is such an actively developed project I know it'll come out when it's ready :)

Regarding the second point - I'm a dummy, somehow I didn't realise that was possible. I've tried it and it works fine. Many thanks!
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