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Update regarding Unimus 2.0.0 release timeline

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:52 pm
by Tomas
UPDATE: 2.0.0 has been released, and this topic has been locked.

We wanted to provide an update regarding the 2.0.0 release timeline, since many of you are waiting for new features and the fixes available in this release.

In short:
Our original plan was to release 2.0.0 into the Stable branch today (April 23rd).
2.0.0 Stable release has however been delayed, and we currently plan to release 2.0.0 into Stable on May 5th 2020.

The full story and details:
2 weeks ago, we released 2.0.0-Beta2. This was a highly expected release, as it contained the new Unimus Core, and remote network support through the "Zones" feature. This was a culmination of 6 months of development, during which almost everything in the Unimus code-base was touched / updated / rewritten in some way.

Since the release of Beta2, we have been continually doing our own QA testing, and many of you have also been helping us test the Beta builds. Currently, we are up to 2.0.0-Beta5.

Since Beta2, we have fixed 27 various issues / bugs / performance problems.
We are currently tracking 19 outstanding unsolved issues / bugs of various severity.

2.0.0 was originally supposed to go Stable today, but we are not comfortable releasing the current build as "Stable", considering the outstanding issues we know of. We strive to maintain quality of Unimus as high as possible, and if there are issues during the QA process, we will postpone a release rather than release a build we know is not up to our quality standards.

The entire dev team is working to fix these remaining issues. We really want to keep "quality-first" as one of our primary goals, and delaying this release will allow us to get 2.0.0 into a place we can release without any reservations about it's quality. A few of the hard-to-fix issues that are low enough severity will make it into the "known issues" of 2.0.0 when it goes into Stable, since we do want to get this release into your hands as soon as possible (but as mentioned not at the cost of quality).

We apologize for the delays.

We are continually releasing updated 2.0.0 builds with fixes as soon as they are available, and if you want to help us test further, or check all the new things in 2.0.0, please check our dev-downloads page at

Re: Update regarding Unimus 2.0.0 release timeline

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 2:24 am
by Tomas
An update regarding 2.0.0 Stable release:

We have released 2.0.0-RC2 today. In total, RC2 fixes 48 various issues/bugs reported since Beta2.
A massive thank you goes to our devs, who have been working overtime and through the last 2 weekends to fix all of these.

We are currently tracking last 2 major and 2 minor issues in RC2, and as soon as these are fixed, 2.0.0 will be released into the stable branch. 2.0.0 has been through extensive QA testing over the last few weeks, and these are the last remaining issues. After passing through 4 separate QA acceptance testing rounds, we are now quite happy with stability of 2.0.0.

As we still have the above-mentioned last 4 issues to fix, we are setting the final release target for 2.0.0 to May 14th 2020.
We do apologize that it took this long to get 2.0.0 out, but we hope you can understand our desire for software quality, and to deliver Unimus to you as stable as possible.

Re: Update regarding Unimus 2.0.0 release timeline

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 3:51 pm
by Tomas
Unimus 2.0.0 and Unimus Core were released yesterday as planned.
More info in the Announcements section: viewforum.php?f=3