Unimus 1.10.4 release

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Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:32 pm

Unimus version 1.10.4 is being released today!
This version is a bugfix and minor feature release for the 1.10 code-base.

This release brings:
- Network Scan improvements (new exclusion features, better input options)
- new "Forgot password" feature for resetting local Unimus password
- added support for newer UBNT UniFi firmwares
- 10+ fixes for various issues & bugs

We recommend all users upgrade to this release.
For more info on new features in the 1.10 release branch please check the 1.10.0 release and 1.10.1 release threads.

Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Full Changelog:
= Version 1.10.4 =
Updates to NMS Sync configuration table (UI elements better organized, added responsiveness)
Per-tag Connector settings table now visually shows disabled connectors (port numbers use strikethrough)
License key entry boxes will now automatically strip whitespace from the license key
Visual improvements to the "Add Credentials" dialog
Minimum username length requirement decreased to 2 characters

Network Scan improvements and support for address exclusion:
- You can exclude addresses from Network Scan by prefixing them with a "-" (minus) sign
- Network Scan can now accept address ranges and individual addresses on top of subnets
- Address exclusions also supports inputting subnets, ranges and individual addresses
- see "Supported data formats" help popup in the Subnets input box for more details

New "Forgot password" feature to allow password recovery for your local Unimus accounts
- When "Forgot password" is clicked, a password reset token is output into the server log
- You can use this reset token to reset the password of any local Unimus account

Added support for:
- more variants of Aruba WifiController
- newer UBNT UniFi firmware versions

Fixed broken menu logo under the latest Chrome version
Fixed Mass Config Push for Netonix not recognizing the "Press ENTER to confirm configuration change" prompt (push would fail with interaction error)
Fixed not discovering / backing-up UnFi devices running new firmware versions
Fixed not sending ENTER if it was the last command in Mass Config Push preset (multiple empty lines as last commands were all ignored)
Fixed incorrect config change notifications on EXOS switches in rare cases
Fixed Backup Retention configuration changes not being reflected across other UIs (added live-updates)
Fixed not properly disabling the Save button in Backup and History job retention when there were no changes to the configuration
Fixed Sensitive Data Stripping configuration changes not being reflected across other UIs (added live-updates)
Fixed a comma being used as a thousands separator in port fields in NMS Sync and Radius configuration
Fixed being able to add deleted Tags into the Sensitive Data Stripping configuration in certain cases (would re-create the deleted Tag)
Fixed an exception in the Radius configuration when using the "Clear" button
Fixed silently failing Network Scan when all connectors disabled (a notification will be shown now)

Tickets closed by this release:
CO-5, UN-86, UN-226, UN-337, UN-390, UN-412, UN-413, UN-414, UN-416, UN-423, UN-426, UN-427, UN-428, UN-429, UN-432, UN-437

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