Unimus 1.10.2 release

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Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:43 am

Unimus version 1.10.2 is being released today!
This version is a bugfix release in the 1.10 release branch.

As a bugfix release, 1.10.2 brings only a few minor new features, but comes with a large number of fixes and improvements.
We have however added support for 8 new devices in this release. Please check the full changelog below for more info.

We recommend checking the 1.10.0 release and 1.10.1 release threads for more info on new features in the 1.10 release branch.

Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Full changelog:
= Version 1.10.2 =
NetXMS API client library updated to 2.2.15
Snort rule updates and package timestamps are not considered as a config change on pfSense
Improved support for newer versions of IOS-XR on Cisco ASR
Improved support for newer versions of UBNT airOS
Improved discovery driver compatibility for EdgeCore switches
Added History Job Retention settings (enabled by default for 90 days retention)

Added support for:
- Alcatel OmniSwitch switches
- Brocade MLXe
- Cisco CRS series
- Cisco Fire Linux OS (FirePower TDM)
- Cisco NCS series
- more variants of EdgeCore switches
- more variants of FiberStore switches
- Metamako devices

Fixed Mass Config Push failing with very long (190+ character) commands
Fixed discovery/backup not working on InfiNet devices
Fixed backup not working on specific SonicOS versions
Fixed incorrect config change notifications on newer firmware on HP 1920S switches
Fixed multiple rare instances of devices getting stuck in a running task
Fixed discovery and/or backup execution threads always failing to complete a job in rare scenarios
Fixed JobDurationMetrics reporting errors when a previous job failed with specific rare errors
More fixes for incorrect configuration change notifications on FortiOS
Fixed incorrect configuration change notifications on pfSense with Snort installed
Fixed backup not working on ProCurve when user logged in to user-exec (privileged-exec login worked)
Fixed Cisco ASR not being discovered on newer versions of IOS-XR
Fixed discovery process for specific JunOS versions

Known issues:
Special characters can be replaced by '?' under specific circumstances
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