Beta 0.2.2 release

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Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:34 pm

Version 0.2.2 is being released today.
This release contains bug fixes, and support for HP Comware routers.
= Version 0.2.2 =
If there is a critical error during startup, a page describing the error and required steps to solve it will be displayed
Added support for:
- HP Comware routers (A-MSR, etc.)

Fixed SQL sessions timing out and not reconnecting when inactive for a long period
Fixed HP Comware backup not working
HP ProCurve driver now supports even more ProCurve switch variants
Fixed wrongly identifying HP Comware and 3com switch models
Fixed not discovering older versions of Halon SecurityRouter
Fixed discovery failing when device returned "too many authentication failures" during discovery
Fixed UBNT EdgeRouter backups (for real this time)
Fixed unable to identify MikroTik devices with long (40+ characters) identity strings
Fixed multiple rare SSH issues
Fixed showing wrong importer type in "Scheduled tasks" table
Logs for startup errors (such as unable to create config file) are now much more readable (removed exception stacks)
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