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Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:08 pm

Version 0.2.0 is being released today.
This is be biggest release since the closed Beta launch, and features performance fixes, bug fixes, and UX improvements.

Direct upgrade from any previous version is not supported due to the rewrite of the database layer.
Before using 0.2.0, you need to delete your database, or change the path to the database in the config file (a new database will automatically be initialized).

Whats new:
= Version 0.2.0 =
New database layer - redesigned and optimized (a single Unimus instance can now support virtually unlimited devices)
New table implementation - can now handle virtually unlimited records per table without any slow-down
Discovery and Backup failure reason messages are now more precise
Added a "Discover now" button on the Devices page
Added a popup informing user that the task was run when doing "Backup now" or "Discover now" on device/devices
Redesigned the device table on the Devices page
Search now searches in "Address", "Description" and "Model" fields in Devices page
Search now searches in "Address" and "Description" fields in Backups page
Redesigned successful and failed Job Logs tables on the Dashboard
Added support for:
- Halon SecurityRouter
- pfSense

Application will now log a friendly message and exit if config file can not be created (due to permission issues, etc.)
Fixed reporting wrong SSH discovery failure reason (for example, "no valid credentials" would be reported instead of "ssh security algorithm negotiation failure")
Fixed not removing device from internal scheduler after the device has been deleted (also fixes exceptions in log during scheduled backup caused by this issue)
Fixed .exe distribution Java version check when the update number is higher than 99 (e.g. JRE 1.8.0_101)
Fixed application freezing for prolonged period when importing a large number of devices (1000+)
Fixed application freezing for prolonged period when removing a large number of devices (1000+)
Fixed more issues with UBNT EdgeRouter backups
Improved HP ProCurve switch discovery on Linux
Fixed unable to remove credentials in wizard
Fixed not displaying notification when trying to add duplicate credentials
Fixed issues with selection not reseting when changing devices in Backups screen
Fixed "Used by count" on Schedules and Credentials page being incorrect in heavily concurrent scenarios
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