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Unimus 2.4.3 & Unimus Core 2.4.3 release

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2024 2:00 pm
by Tomas
Unimus & Core version 2.4.3 are being released today! This release contains support for 10+ new device types, a few new minor features, and a few bug fixes.

We originally intended for 2.4.2 to be the last release in the 2.4 code-branch. However, we had to move the release date for 2.5.0 to late May, so we are releasing 2.4.3 with a bunch of new device drivers, and a few minor features and bug-fixes. We are seeing extremely good feedback and adoption rates on 2.4, and we recommend all users update to this release.

If you missed the Release Overview for 2.4, please head to our blog for an overview of what is new in this release branch.

Links at have been updated with the newest version.

Full Changelog:
= Version 2.4.3 =
When a device requests a password change during login through SSH, job will fail and generate an appropriate error
Added support for post-login log messages on H3C / 3COM / Comware
Added support for post-login log messages on Huawei VRP
Added support for change-pending (asterisk) in prompt on Aruba Gateways
Added backup of 'nvue.d' to the Cumulus Linux driver
Added support for CLI sections on Ciena SAOS
Added support for Nokia SROS / TimOS when logging both to 'md-cli' or 'classic cli'
Improved logging during SSH login when various keyboard interactive messages arrive

Added support for:
- Aethra ATOSNT
- Ciena Waveserver 5
- Ciena Waveserver Ai
- Cisco ASA Service Modules (WS-SVC)
- CheckPoint Quantum Security Gateway
- Ekinops OneOS6
- Ericsson IPOS (EPG series)
- Extreme E-series WLC
- Infinera 8600 series
- OneAccess OneOS
- Raisecom ISCOM (based on 2924)
- Raisecom RAX
- StormShield SNS

Fixed all tasks within a job could fail when a single task failed when using NetXMS Proxy for a Zone
Fixed jobs failing on Checkpoint Gaia devices
Fixed jobs failing on Aruba Gateways when there were pending changes in config
Fixed jobs failing on specific Adtran devices after 2.4.0
Fixed jobs failing on specific Nokia SROS switches
Fixed jobs failing on Ciena 5144 and 5164 (and similar SAOS devices)
Fixed backup failing on Ericsson SGSN / IPOS

Security fixes:
Updated many libraries Unimus uses to their latest versions. This removed a lot of reported vulnerabilities
in previous versions of these libraries. We have validated that none of the reported vulnerabilities in these
libraries were relevant to Unimus - therefore Unimus was not affected by any of these vulnerabilities. As a
precaution however, we have updated everything we could to its latest version.
Finally, there are a couple minor known issues to be aware of:
Known issues:
ISSUE: "Re-discover affected devices when Ports or Connectors change" Advanced Settings option does not work
STATUS: issue scheduled for fixing

ISSUE: Some screens in Unimus show time in server's time zone, others in client's (browser's) time zone
WORKAROUND: none, issue only relevant if client has different time zone than server
STATUS: we are debating on how to fix this - will likely create a setting to select which TZ should be used
Let us know if you have any feedback / questions on this release, or if you run into any issues!