Unimus 0.3.3 (RC4) release

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Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:08 pm

Version 0.3.3 is being released today.
As usual, this release contains user-requested features and bug-fixes.

0.3.3 is considered production-grade and will be the last RC before official 1.0.0 release.
To see how release affects our remaining Beta tester, please see this post

Download links at https://unimus.net/download.html are updated.

Please see this link for information on upgrading from 0.2.x.
(direct upgrade from 0.2.x nor 0.1.x is not supported, please see the above link)
= Version 0.3.3 =
Added support for SSH keys (password-based or SSH-key-based Device Credentials can now be created)
Added "Info" button to device table which shows additional information about selected device (used credentials, schedule, etc.)
Performance improvements when many events are generated by the system concurrently (such as when performing operations on a large number of devices)
Updated NetXMS API to support NetXMS 2.1
Device import now runs asynchronously and doesn't block the UI (much better experience when importing 3k+ devices)
Current application version is now shown on the Dashboard
Added support for Cumulus Linux

Fixed pfSense not being discovered if logged directly into the Shell instead of the initial menu
Fixed not getting whole config on Cisco IOS with non level 15 account with specific 'show run' command privilege
Fixed device edit not working
Fixed schedule table showing 2 schedules as default in rare situations
Fixed schedule table showing wrong 'Used on devices' count after changing the default schedule
Fixed search not working in Wizard schedule table
Fixed email test showing success even when it failed in rare situations
Fixed backup table selection not working as expected after device change
Fixed updates on detached ui components produced errors

Known issues:
Application startup times can be long (up to 2 minutes on slow hardware)
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