Unimus 2.3.2 & Unimus Core 2.3.2 release

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Wed Mar 08, 2023 4:16 pm

Unimus & Core version 2.3.2 are being released today! This is a bugfix release for our 2.3 code-branch. We are seeing very good feedback and adoption rates on 2.3, and this release addresses a few issues reported to us so far.

If you missed the Release Overview for 2.3, please head to our blog for an overview of what is new in this release branch.

Links at https://unimus.net/download have been updated with the newest version.

Full Changelog:
= Version 2.3.2 =
Updated NetXMS client library to latest version (4.3.0)
Improved Config Search behavior when the Browser would not report the timezone correctly to the Server
The backup range dates in "Backups" were swapped for easier navigation
Improved error messages and sync fail reasons for LibreNMS sync if a device group did not exist or was empty
Improved built-in backup filters for newer versions of Arista switches
Improved built-in backup filters for Huawei VRP
Improved built-in backup filters for Metaswitch Perimeta SBC
Improved built-in backup filters for SonicWall
Improved built-in backup filters for Siklu EtherHaul

Added support for LDAP Filters:
- LDAP Filters were added as an optional configuration for the LDAP connector
- You can use filters to more exactly specify which users are found when searching for a user in LDAP
- full documentation: https://wiki.unimus.net/display/UNPUB/LDAP+Auth

Added support for:
- Riverbed RiOS

Per-Tag Sensitive Data Stripping policies were not working (jobs failed with SENSITIVE_DATA_STRIPPING_ERROR)
Fixed errors on "Credentials > Show usage" when using the HSQL (file-based) database
Fixed regressions for wrong order of dates in "Backups" (changed in 2.0.5, regression in 2.1.0)
Fixed the output columns in "Mass Config Push" could have some content cut-off on specific screen resultions
Dynamic backup filters were not applied when backup was uploaded via API
Fixed "Do not check certificate" for LDAPS would still try to validate FQDN against the certificate
Fixed errors when both Radius AAA and LDAP auth were used together (accounting records were not properly created)
Fixed errors when an existing user was switched from Radius auth to LDAP auth
Fixed incorrect "Variable missing" indicator for Targets in Mass Config Push
Fixed missing automatic refresh in API Mass Config Push results page when a push finished
Fixed backups could in very specific cases contain some control character sequences
Finally, there are a few minor known issues to be aware of:
Known issues:
ISSUE: "Re-discover affected devices when Ports or Connectors change" Advanced Settings option does not work
STATUS: issue scheduled for fixing

ISSUE: Some screens in Unimus show time in server's time zone, others in client's (browser's) time zone
WORKAROUND: none, issue only relevant if client has different time zone than server
STATUS: we are debating on how to fix this - will likely create a setting to select which TZ should be used
Let us know if you have any feedback / questions on this release, or if you run into any issues!
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