Unimus 2.2.2 & Unimus Core 2.2.2 release

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Thu Mar 17, 2022 9:08 pm

Unimus & Core version 2.2.2 are being released today! This is a bugfix release for issues reported since the release of 2.2.0.
If you missed our Release Overview for 2.2.0, you can read it on our blog, or you can watch the Release Overview video below:

Links at https://unimus.net/download.html have been updated with the newest version.

Full Changelog:
= Version 2.2.2 =
Administrator-type accounts can now Tag themselves with any Tags in "User Management > Device Access" - prevents loss of access for admins
Added fallback to in-memory search for "Config Search > Regex" if the DB engine doesn't support provided regex
Device Variable values can now start with any character (previously only alphanumeric)
Added the option to configure email client read/write timeouts

Added support for:
- Cambium cnMatrix switches
- Extreme VX wireless controllers
- FibroLan µFalcon
- older Siklu EtherHaul devices
- Sophos switches

Fixed users could not log in through Radius AAA if their passwords didn't meet Unimus internal complexity requirements
Fixed Unimus did not work on Tomcat (running the .war distribution was not possible)
Fixed broken / non-functional horizontal scroll bar in some tables
Fixed users that were created as non-Admin could not access the "System" screen even after becoming Admins
Fixed Obserium NMS Sync presets required a group ID, even tho it was supposed to be optional
Fixed "API tokens > Copy to clipboard" did not work on Safari
Fixed unable to start Network Scan while Config Push was running (and vice-versa)
Fixed "User management > Device access" would not load under specific circumstances
Fixed unable to use specific characters for Device Variable names and values
Fixed sorting in "Mass config Push -> Output Groups" was broken
Fixed sorting on bound / used columns in "Credentials > CLI mode change password" was broken
Fixed closing the "Devices > Edit" window would not closed it's child windows (for example Binding windows would stay open)
Fixed performance degradation in "Device > Edit > Bind Credentials" window under specific circumstances
Fixed performance degradation in "Device > Edit > Bind CLI mode change password" windows under specific circumstances
Fixed table loading indicator could remain visible after specific actions
Fixed searching in table while it was still loading data could thrown an exception
Fixed trying to delete a Tag could throw exceptions in specific cases (Tag was properly deleted, UI/UX issue only)
Fixed tagging / untagging devices / Zones would not update device counts for the Tag in the Device Tags table
Fixed not possible to open the "Comments" window from "Device > Edit > Bind Credentials"
Fixed other minor UI and UX issues, non working concurrent modification updates, and other non-significant UI edge cases
Fixed MikroTik backups could contain the prompt and the echo of the backup command
Fixed specific Cisco IOS-XR devices could be wrongly discovered as Cisco SMB devices
Fixed Config Push would not collect command output properly on slow MikroTik devices
Fixed output grouping in Config Push could not work properly for MikroTik devices

Fixed concurrent changes to settings were not properly reflected for other users also currently on the screen in:
- "User Management > Radius" settings
- All "Notifications" screen settings
- "Other settings > Retention" settings
- "Other settings > Advanced system settings"

Security fixes:
Close currently opened "Device Tags" window if user lost access to the device
Fixed users already on "Config Search" screen could see Tags listed even after they lost access to them (Search results were properly secured)
Finally, there are a few minor known issues to be aware of:
Known issues:
ISSUE: "Re-discover affected devices when Ports or Connectors change" Advanced Settings option does not work
STATUS: issue scheduled for fixing

ISSUE: "Stop" in Config Push does not work
STATUS: issue scheduled for fixing

ISSUE: Some screens in Unimus show time in server's time zone, others in client's (browser's) time zone
WORKAROUND: none, issue only relevant if client has different time zone than server
STATUS: we are debating on how to fix this - will likely create a setting to select which TZ should be used
Let us know if you have any feedback / questions on this release, or if you run into any issues!
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