Unimus 2.0.10 & Unimus Core 2.0.10 release

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Thu Jan 28, 2021 2:53 pm

Unimus & Unimus Core version 2.0.10 are being released today - this is a bugfix release with a few new device drivers.
Links at https://unimus.net/download have been updated with the newest versions.

While the development of 2.1 is at full speed, we had some easy to merge fixes in the 2.1 branches that we wanted to release to the stable branch, together with a few new drivers. Rather than postponing these fixes and the new drivers until 2.1, we are releasing 2.0.10. This release should be very stable, and we recommend all customers to update to this release.

Full Changelog:
= Version 2.0.10 =
Added support for TP-Link devices that shorten their prompt when in Configure mode
Improved compatibility with newer firmwares of some Ubiquiti devices
Improved job result and log messages on specific devices that required enable mode for Backup, but it was not discovered during Discovery

Added an Unattended / Silent install support for all installers
- both Unimus and Core now support silent installation
- supported added in Linux and Windows installers
- use the "-u" parameter to install silently

Added support for:
- 6WIND Turbo Router
- A10 Networks vThunder series
- Eltex ME routers
- Eltex MES switches
- Eltex ESR gateways
- Extreme MLXe
- Netgear ProSafe M-series switches (M4300, etc.)

Fixed device model disappearing from Devices table after un-managing a device
Fixed rare job failure on devices that output the 1st page of data extremely fast
Fixed discovery failing on Extreme MLXe devices (formerly Brocade MLXe)
Fixed discovery failing on Avaya / Extreme ERS with disabled banner
Fixed discovery failing on some TP-Link switches when prompt was too long
Fixed wrong Config Change Notifications on some versions of Cisco IOS
Fixed discovery failing on newer firmwares of some Ubiquiti devices
Fixed discovery failing on some versions of Cisco ASA TDM
Fixed backup failing on some versions of Cisco ASA TDM
In case you missed it, we have published a 2.0 Release Overview on our blog if you want to read up on this release.
Alternatively, you can watch the Release Overview video below:

If you are migrating from Unimus v1, please note these migration warnings:
Slack integration has been migrated from a Webhook to a Slack App. Your Slack notifications will not work without reconfiguration. Manual migration and reconfiguration is required.

Migration warnings:
Slack integration has been migrated from a Webhook to a Slack App. This is due to the addition of sending Configuration
Change Notifications over Slack. The Webhook API did not support sending Snippets, which Config Notifications require.
You will need to setup a new Slack App for Unimus, and reconfigure Unimus Slack sender in "Notifications > Slack".

Weekly schedules were running one day earlier than configured. We have migrated existing schedules to the day they were
running on - which was different than what was configured. If you were using weekly schedules, please review your
schedule configuration.

For some devices, there may be a single config-change notification after the first backup following the 2.0.0 upgrade.
This will show a change occurred inside a comment or a non-config line. This is expected due to changes to the dynamic
(runtime) backup content filtering mentioned in the "Features" section. This is caused by changes to what Unimus
considers as dynamic (runtime) data inside backups, and you can safely ignore this change notification.
Finally, there are a few low-impact known issues to be aware of:
Known issues:
ISSUE: unable to set Unimus connection timeout in Core - this doesn't influence Core functionality in any way
STATUS: framework limitation, update to newer framework in progress

ISSUE: with higher latency, when writing text into an input box, a desync may occur that causes a character to get lost,
and the cursor to jump to the start of the input box
STATUS: we are investigating
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