Unimus 2.0.6 & Unimus Core 2.0.6 release

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Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:06 pm

Unimus & Unimus Core version 2.0.6 are being released today - this is a small bugfix release.
Links at https://unimus.net/download have been updated with the newest versions.

Full Changelog:
= Version 2.0.6 =
Added support for "Enter Ctrl-Y to begin" question during login to device

Fixed "Device Output Log" file being recreated after deletion by jobs started when logging was still enabled
Fixed wrong Config Change notifications on Cisco IOS
Fixed more wrong Config Change notifications on Nokia TiMOS
Fixed wrong Config Change notifications on FortiOS (FortiGate, etc.)
Fixed wrong Config Change notifications on SonicWall / SonicOS
Fixed Cisco IOS-based devices not discovering in specific circumstances (introduced in 2.0.5)
Fixed Aruba Mobility controller not discovering on specific hardware types
Fixed Foundry/Brocade switches not discovering on specific hardware types
In case you missed it, we have published a 2.0 Release Overview on our blog if you want to read up on this release.
Alternatively, you can watch the Release Overview video below:

If you are migrating from Unimus v1, please note these migration warnings:
Slack integration has been migrated from a Webhook to a Slack App. Your Slack notifications will not work without reconfiguration. Manual migration and reconfiguration is required.

Migration warnings:
Slack integration has been migrated from a Webhook to a Slack App. This is due to the addition of sending Configuration
Change Notifications over Slack. The Webhook API did not support sending Snippets, which Config Notifications require.
You will need to setup a new Slack App for Unimus, and reconfigure Unimus Slack sender in "Notifications > Slack".

Weekly schedules were running one day earlier than configured. We have migrated existing schedules to the day they were
running on - which was different than what was configured. If you were using weekly schedules, please review your
schedule configuration.

For some devices, there may be a single config-change notification after the first backup following the 2.0.0 upgrade.
This will show a change occurred inside a comment or a non-config line. This is expected due to changes to the dynamic
(runtime) backup content filtering mentioned in the "Features" section. This is caused by changes to what Unimus
considers as dynamic (runtime) data inside backups, and you can safely ignore this change notification.
Finally, there are a few low-impact known issues to be aware of:
Known issues:
ISSUE: unable to set Unimus connection timeout in Core - this doesn't influence Core functionality in any way
STATUS: framework limitation, update to newer framework planned in Q3 2020

ISSUE: with higher latency, when writing text into an input box, a desync may occur that causes a character to get lost,
and the cursor to jump to the start of the input box
STATUS: we are investigating

ISSUE: special characters can be replaced by '?' under specific circumstances
STATUS: currently no ETA, framework limitations
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