[Request] Allow Zabbix Importer AND rules

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Fri Jan 05, 2024 6:54 pm

TLDR; Allow the use of AND operator in Zabbix sync rules, creating the possibility for mixing Tags, Host Groups and Templates.
My company uses tags and host groups to filter devices in Zabbix.

Host Group: Switch/Cisco
Tag: Customer=<CustomerName>

We would like to, for example only sync devices to a zone in the Switch/Cisco host group with the tag that matches the customers name.
The current situation is that using a Host Group and Tag in the same sync rule uses OR logic, which imports devices into the zone that belong to other customers.

Please make it possible to use OR and AND logic at your own will using the Zabbix importer. This could be made by using functions available in the APIv3 Preview.
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