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Sun Sep 18, 2022 11:37 pm

Would it be possible to support backup of FortiGate configurations via API?

For some of our supported FortiGate units we don't have a device on the LAN to be able to SSH/Telnet to the unit so we can't run Unimus locally in the network.

For users with a FortiGate device, they used to be able to use the free FortiCloud account to backup FortiGate configurations up to 7 days.
This has recently been removed, and would be great if Unimus could fill that gap to allow configuration backups to be done over the internet.
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Mon Sep 19, 2022 6:08 pm

We don't currently support retrieving backups directly from devices using their API, but this is something that would be possible to do by creating your own solution. If I may, here's a link to another post where I mentioned the whole concept of indirectly adding support for some unsupported devices or pushing backups to Unimus from devices which are retrievable only via connectors not yet supported. The latter would be the case here as well.


In this case, you'd probably need to do a little more work on your end as using an API would probably add some extra layer or complexity, e.g. generating API keys for each device and consequently storing and using them in the script for each affected device, but it is possible you may end up using a very similar one-liner curl command like we used to upload backups to Unimus, only to download backups from those Fortigates on your end, and then upload them to Unimus.
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