APC/SE UPS Network Card Config

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Thu Sep 15, 2022 2:37 am

Going through what I can see here (either that or the search is failing), there is no support for APC/SE Network cards (and given the similarities between them all, to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if they are all made in the same factories, it may work on the EATON ones, but I have not tested this yet one an EATON)

I want to back up the UPS network card config; support for SCP seems to be available in Unimus, so it should be a simple issue to pull the config and parse the text (it's a text-based .ini file).

FTP and theoretically SCP uploads can also be done for restore. Unfortunately, backup restore does not work for the RADIUS auth keys (as such, RADIUS gets disabled), but everything else restores, from my experience.

Backup Command is:

Using Linux-style SCP
scp <<username>>@<<host>>:config.ini <<LOCAL_PATH>>

Using PSCP
pscp -scp <<USERNAME>>@<<HOST>>:config.ini <<LOCALPATH>>

SSH needs to be enabled on the device, obviously

Restore information is here: https://www.apc.com/au/en/faqs/FA156117/

Given that the FTP download also works with SCP, I think the upload should also work.
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Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:54 pm

The SCP connector, as well as SFTP, are not yet supported. While SSH is supported, the way an SCP connector would be implemented in Unimus is vastly different. We will be adding support for SCP in the future, but there is no ETA I could share at this moment.

As for what could be done now. When it comes down to binary backups and/or text backups retrievable only via another connector than Telnet/SSH, which Unimus doesn't currently support, there is still the option to work around that and create your own solution to retrieve and upload such backups to Unimus using our API.

We have written two guides on this topic:
- automating FRR (a software router/firewall) backups - https://blog.unimus.net/automating-frr- ... -to-guide/
- automating Mikrotik SwOS backups - https://blog.unimus.net/automating-mikr ... -to-guide/
The second one showcases pulling data from remote devices in bulk and uploading it to Unimus, while the FRR focuses on creating own backups in the text or binary format from scratch.

In your case, you'd be using mainly the second guide, which would provide a backbone for fetching backups from any number of devices, and you may only need to change the wget command to an scp command like the one you already mentioned. On top of that, considering that it is an ini file, hence a text file at its core, it could be then even uploaded to Unimus as a text backup, so that you could receive change notifications. You can use information from the first guide, which shows how to upload a text backup like that.
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Tue Oct 04, 2022 5:11 am

I have created a Powershell script to do this, its based upon a CSV config so its basically infinitely expandable, I know SCP download and Text upload work as I have tested those, but it should also be able to handle SFTP and Binary so I put in options to use those.

Code is here
https://github.com/ShadowPeo/Infrastruc ... ups/Unimus

Just look at the readme, its pretty self explanatory
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