Removing a device pop up / Pausing a device for a period of time

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First I want to say we are loving Unimus! As we continue to use it, there a couple of things that I think would be helpful:

1. When selecting devices from the 'Devices' menu, it would be great if there was something to show the number of currently selected devices. Currently, if you accidentally select a device and then scroll away, and then select a couple more devices, you could potentially delete devices without realizing it.

To expand on this, when selecting devices and clicking "Remove", it would be great if the confirmation window listed the names of the devices you are about to delete.

2. We would love the ability to temporarily pause, or choose a length of time when un-managing a device. Sometimes we are doing maintenance, or there is a power outage at one of our locations. Currently the only way I know to stop the email notifications is to un-manage the device, which requires logging back in to undo.

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These are some good points and suggestions. Let me address them one by one:

1. Device count for selected devices - this will be one of the aspects we aim to improve in our planned rework of Devices view to improve multi-selection of devices, search and filtering, and such a counter will be one of them.

2. List of devices to be deleted when deleting multiple devices at once - we like this and it would be a good addition - I created an internal ticket to our backlog to implement it - I don't have any ETA to share at this moment.

3. A temporary un-managed/ignored/paused state - this is also a really good suggestion, same as for the one above, I created an internal ticket to our backlog to implement such feature - also no ETA at this moment.
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