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Thu Jun 06, 2024 9:51 am

Hello, Unimus team

First of all, I want to give you feedback, that Unimus is quite good app (the design is clear and really useful for us ;-) ) We looked longer time for backup SW like this... So, thanks a lot for good job!

But even the number of supported brands and modules is exciting, some new models are still missing.
Can I ask you, if can be included also:

NETGEAR M4350-24F4V 24x10G SFP+ 4x25G SFP28 Managed Switch?

Because seems, that thsi one is successor of M4300, that shoudl be alsready implemented...
Base on log on switch, I can login via SSH, but I cannot Discover it...

In Unimus log file is:
2024-06-04 08:45:38.868 INFO 5508 --- [discovery-313] : Discovery reports an unsupported device on ''

if it was not included, is it possible add it, please? It's almost the same as M4300 series just have 4x25Gbps ports.
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Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:34 am

Hi Pavel,

Could you please create support ticket in our portal and attach into it debug logs from the failed discovery (of device NETGEAR M4350-24F4V 24x10G SFP+ 4x25G SFP28)? This will allow us to determine whether we need to update our current driver or if we need to develop a new one.

Please turn on both the logs (Debug Log and Device Output Log), and run the discovery. After the discovery finishes (fails), you can download both the logs from the Debug Mode window.

General debug logging - you can enable it by going to Zones > Your Zone (the zone where you assigned this M4350 device) > Debug mode and enable Debug mode and Device output logging.

In addition, it would also be helpful to know if it is possible to execute the backup command "show running-config" on this device with a positive result.
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